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The Giant Pool of Money

NPR har sammen med Chicago Public Radio tatt på seg å lage en timelang radiodokumentar som forklarer den internasjonale kredittkrisen gjennom intervjuer med folk som deltok på forskjellige måter. Det er god pedagogikk og jeg tror jeg muligens nå forstår hva en CDO er, hvem som laget de og hvordan det går an å fomle bort noen trillioner dollar. Hentes her.

Mer fra Shirkey om det kognitive overskudd

… vi får når den vestlige verden slutter å bruke store deler av fritiden sin på å se på TV:

I was having dinner with a group of friends about a month ago, and one of them was talking about sitting with his four-year-old daughter watching a DVD. And in the middle of the movie, apropos nothing, she jumps up off the couch and runs around behind the screen. That seems like a cute moment. Maybe she’s going back there to see if Dora is really back there or whatever. But that wasn’t what she was doing. She started rooting around in the cables. And her dad said, “What you doing?” And she stuck her head out from behind the screen and said, “Looking for the mouse.”

Here’s something four-year-olds know: A screen that ships without a mouse ships broken. Here’s something four-year-olds know: Media that’s targeted at you but doesn’t include you may not be worth sitting still for. Those are things that make me believe that this is a one-way change. Because four year olds, the people who are soaking most deeply in the current environment, who won’t have to go through the trauma that I have to go through of trying to unlearn a childhood spent watching Gilligan’s Island, they just assume that media includes consuming, producing and sharing.